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The choir is registered with the Charity Commission as a registered charity: number 513058

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The headquarters of Risca Choir

No experience is needed, and so long as you enjoy singing, we can help with the rest. We will train your voice, teach you about music and find the best section suited to your voice.

Risca Male Choir offers itself not only as a challenging hobby with plenty of exciting experiences in the world of performed music, but also as an opportunity to meet new friends. Foreign tours, amazing venues, opportunities to work with top vocalists, instrumentalists, orchestras and bands ... it is all available. Singing with a first rate choir is like playing for the first team: it is often hard work, but the results are more satisfying.

Risca Choir rehearsals

There is nothing stale or old-fashioned about us. Programming is always imaginative and will suit all musical tastes. Our Christmas theme shows are now legendary!

Our youngest chorister is 17, and five are under 25. More are under 50. Age is no barrier. If you are interested, try us out. What have you got to lose but two hours of your time in convivial surroundings, time which could change the rest of your life. You are most welcome to attend one of our rehearsals:

Thursday 19.00 - 21.00
Sunday 18.00 - 20.00


Risca Male Choir Headquarters
St Mary Street

Our building is situated opposite the Exchange Public House on the northern side of Risca. We have our own large car park around the corner and to the side of the main building.

Alternatively, you can telephone:

Alan Davis (secretary) on (01495) 272664 or
Martin Hodson (music director) on (01633) 613088

Visitors are always welcome to attend our rehearsals, be they local residents or visitors to the area.

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Chris Davies at

Alan Davis, Choir Secretary
01495 272664

The choir is registered with the Inland Revenue for tax purposes. Gift Aid Scheme donations reference: XN69510